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Wherefrom but India was this world-renowned concept imported into these parts of the world. The word meditation itself is a derivative of the French word meditacioun and the Latin word meditatio, both of which literally means to think, contemplate, devise or ponder upon. It implies mindfully or intently focusing the mind upon a particular object, thought or activity, which enables us to attain mental awareness and a stabling or calming disposition.

This is all Westerners know about meditation which is like browsing the tip of an iceberg. Of course, a great deal of good is derived from it practice such as the reduct of stress, anxiety, depression and pain. These in turn give rise to peace and overall physical and mental wellbeing. However, there is a much higher purpose to mediation which represents an invitation into a higher reality.

Candidly speaking, meditation serves to unlock the doors leading to one’s higher being. The rishis of yore informed us that there’s this wellspring of latent energy stored up in our bodies’ called chakras. In Chinese, it is referred to as chi; in yogic science it is shakti; and in Western terminology spirit. All that is required of us is to cultivate and develop it, which could transform each one of us into an enlightened person. Make a resolution today that you will start living from the depths of your infinite being. The mistake is that an ordinary man dwells at the surface of his bodily consciousness. But if he knows how to descend into the seabed or depths of his consciousness, he could unearth his godly self and expand his vision to the extramundane or ethereal abode. The indefatigable Indian sages knew how to get there which they do daily. And having reached there, they drank the nectar from this wellspring of spirituality and got inebriated with divine ecstasy. Know that mediation is the only vehicle that can allow you to achieve this rare feat. Therefore, master it say the rishis of India.

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