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India is home to an alarmingly number of festivals and cultural events occurring nonstop yearlong. That is due to the prevailing diverse religions and ethos makeup of its people. Here is a partial sampling only: the Muslims celebrate Eid; Christians, Christmas and good Friday; Sikhs, Baisakhi (harvesting of crop) and Gurus birthdays; Hindus, Diwali, Holi; the Jains, Mahavir Jayanti; the Buddhists, Buddha’s birthday. Quite honestly, the list is endless if you were to enumerate them all.

Nonetheless, let us look at just two of the largest celebrations in the country. The first is Diwali which is a marathon five-day celebration. It is known as the festival of lights which is a phenomenon that can be traced back to creation itself. Light does not only destroy darkness, but it is also a sublimed form of energy without which our very existence would be threatened. Even God is referred to as the light of the world. Holi is a close second in importance. As depicted above, it is popularly referred to as the festival of colors which is associated with the onset of spring.

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