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Comprised of twenty-eight states and seven territories, India has more than twenty-two recognized languages with over four different hundred dialects. Hence, there exists the need to have a common official language to make communication possible. The nod was given to Hindi, although English has received much prominence too. However, among these languages, Sanskrit deserves special mention. It is not only herald as the mother of languages, but for eons now has been the native tongue of the gods. Today, it is accorded much promontory preeminence in yet another way. The reputed Forbes Magazine once proclaimed that: “Sanskrit is the most suitable language for computer software.” Stated Professor Basham: “The vowels and consonants of the Sanskrit language are all scientifically classified according to their modes of production. In sharp contrast to the haphazard and inadequate Roman alphabets, it was only after discovery of Sanskrit by Westerners that the science of phonetics arose in Europe.”

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