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The Indian culinary culture forms an integral part of the country’s reputation which has today grown in popularity throughout the world over. There are many critical factors responsible for India’s finger-licking dishes. It can be overwhelmingly attributed to the extensive or liberal usage of aromatic herbs and spices. Perhaps that’s what haunted Columbus to undertake the spice trade voyagea testimony to India’s reputation thereto.

The Indian cuisine encompasses a large assortment of appetizing and succulent dishes. Almost every region in India is renowned for a signature dish which has its own pecular flavors. As many Indians are vegetarians, the main staple diet comprises of wheat, basmati rice, vegetables and pulses such as chana or chickpeas. That is not to say there are not many non-vegetarian exotic dishes too. Indian cooking is also well reputed for its mouthwatering confectionaries that literally abound. Quite frankly, there are hundreds of deserts from which to choose.

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