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Fasting is an integral part of our cultural both from both health and spiritual standpoint. As everyone knows, fasting detoxes the body as well help to control many diseases such as diabetes, cardiological, cancer and other forms of degenerative ailments.  

It also facilitates mind control by developing certain key elements. By resting or suppressing the fire of digestion, the individual rekindles love and compassion in his heart. Take for example, the pangs of hunger. It makes you wonder about the less unfortunate among us. Most of us eat three square meals on a daily basis. But what about the millions who barely have one or go completely without.    Fasting is also good for your soul. Nearly all religions of the world embraces and fastidiously promotes it. By depriving the body of your overconsuming love for food, you could thereby enlarge your heart beyond belief. It is only when you experience the pangs hunger yourself that you will understand how starvation feels. Therefore, one needs not only to detox his body. When you detox the soul, you become consumed with the desire and love for your fellow man and God alike.

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